• Sarah (Fertility)

    "I cannot thank Kiera enough for what she has done for me and my family. I had been trying to fall pregnant for three years when I met Kiera through a mutual friend. Not only am I now three months pregnant, I have the most energy I have had in years. I still keep in touch with Kiera regularly and value her opinion dearly. I'm so happy I met Kiera before I spent money on IVF. Kiera has a wealth of knowledge and I recommend anyone that's struggling with fertility to have a chat with her."

  • Harman Family (Circadian Health)

    "I wish that all health care professionals cared for their clients as much as Kiera does, you can tell she truly cares. After just one consultation with Kiera, It took only two days of implementing the changes she reccomened to get my kids sleeping through the night. As a tired single mum you can imagine just how much this meant to me. I thought my kids were just night owls, I never thought that it had anything to do with light exposure. I am now working with Kiera to fix my gut health without supplements."

  • Melany (Fertility)

    "I didn't know what to expect when I started working with Kiera, but I was willing to give anything a go if it meant staying away from IVF. I rememeber being so confused as to why Kiera needed to know about my sleep, relationships and what time I woke up becasue nobody else had ever asked me about any of that stuff. After learning about how all these things impact fertility it all started to make sense. I followed everything Kiera said and I guess it worked because i'm now pregnant with twins. I hope that anyone who has the pleasure of working with Kiera takes in the information with an open mind".