Meet Kiera

"My career was inspired by my own health journey and my need to take control of my health.

Growing up, I lived a rural lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to spend my afternoons running around on a farm, eating locally grown produce and protein. I was a healthy child. After moving to the city during my teenage years, I became unwell. I suffered from chronic fatigue, bloating, nausea, back pain, dermatitis, hemiplegic migraines, along with anxiety and depression. I sought medical help, but to no avail. I was put on contraception to 'balance' my hormones and given pain medication for symptom management. My doctor told me that I was simply growing and that I needed to eat 'more'. I then sought the help of a naturopath who prescribed iron supplements and labeled me as 'anemic'. My symptoms worsened.

Fast forward to my early 20s. I started listening to podcasts, reading books, talking to health professionals, and trying every diet under the sun to heal my symptoms, but with no success. I even went vegan...

This is where my health reached its lowest point. I was chronically fatigued to the point where just walking made my muscles sore. I suffered from extremely painful bleeds that would result in tears. I had severe brain fog, couldn't concentrate, or retain information - my university grades started to drop. All of this took a massive toll on my mental health. I was lost and didn't know what to do.

Thankfully, I started chatting with a decentralized physician online (purely by luck) who took the time to teach me about nutrient-dense foods and why I should eat them. He educated me on the circadian rhythm, metabolism, and the importance of full-spectrum sunlight - and for that - I will forever be grateful. I started researching and found doctors and biologists that discussed the same concepts. I was so confused - after four years at university studying Health and psychology, not once had I heard of a circadian rhythm, nutrient density, or anything about light environments. Why? All I knew was calories, protein, BMI & a whole heap about statistics.

But at this point, I was willing to try anything and I went to work. I quit working nights to focus on my sleep schedule, started eating nutrient-dense foods, and focused on ancestral health.

Three months down the track, I had never felt better. I had energy. Finally, I could concentrate; I could run and jump and talk without vertigo; my head cleared, my bloating ceased, and my mental health healed.

Today, as a quantum clinician and educator, I focus on more than just food and what we put in our mouths. I focus on environmental toxins, the circadian rhythm, gut health, mold exposure, mitochondrial health, mindset, meridians, dentistry, trauma... the list goes on. I get to know each client's unique story so I can help them best. I won't refer you to another specialist or prescribe you a long list of expensive labs. My colleagues in the field and myself will help you uncover the root cause of your illness. 

Your health is something you don't learn the value of until it's gone, and cures are hard to come by. This is why I believe in preventative medicine, catching symptoms in the early stages before they manifest into disease. I believe that we have not yet seen the full consequences of just how disconnected we have become from our natural environment, and that's why now more than ever, I encourage you to take your health back into your own hands.

Chronic fatigue is not 'normal.'

Painful & heavy bleeds are not 'normal.'

Vertigo is not 'normal.'

IBS is not 'normal.'

Leaky Gut is not 'normal.'

Cancer rates increasing... not 'normal.'

Just because a large majority of the population has a symptom doesn't mean it's 'normal.'

Take control of your health, realign with nature, and set a higher standard for your life.

With my whole heart & much love,

Kiera xx

Kiera's Relevant Credentials

Memberships & Registrations 


The Applied Quantum Biology Collective: Certified Quantum Health Clinician 

Gut Health: The microbiome and wellbeing - Endeavour College of Natural Health

Food Psychology: Improving relationships with food - Endeavour college of Natural Health

Natural Health for Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum - Endeavour College of Natural Health 

The Light Diet Course - Matt Maruca, Founder of RA Optics

How to Evaluate Adrenal Fatigue on a Blood Chemistry - Metabolic Fitness ProDr. Bryan Walsh 

Functional Medicine SC - Metabolic Fitness Pro, Dr. Bryan Walsh 

Level I - Nutritional Biochemistry - Metabolic Fitness Pro, Dr. Bryan Walsh 

Level IIA - Functional Physiology Metabolic Fitness Pro, Dr. Bryan Walsh 

All About Glucose Metabolic Fitness Pro, Dr. Bryan Walsh 

Southern Cross University

Bachelor of Psychological Science

+ Psychology Foundations: Brain and Cognition

+ Psychology Foundations: Self and Situation

+ Positive Psychology

+ Biological Psychology

Queensland University of Technology 

Bachelor of Nursing science

Unable to continue due to Clinical Mandates in 2020*

Single Electives 

Cell & Molecular Biology

Anatomy & Physiology for Health Professionals 

Mental Health: Self & others 

Disease Processes

Alcohol & Other Drug Studies

Psychological Assessment