EMR-TeK Firewave Red Light Device

The Red Light Device I use & trust. EMR-Tek supply the highest quality RLT devices with low flicker rate, that won't break the bank. I personally use their smallest device 'Firestorm".

Their website has all information surrounding their products including wattage, design and wavelengths, I suggest you check it out.

Purchase using the link below for my personal discount. *you will be redirected to an external website.


Grounding Shoes - Earth Runners

Earth Runners are the grounding shoes I wear daily. Ancestrally speaking, we would have always been exposed to the healing properties of the earth. Our modern shoes disconnect us from the earth while creating discomfort. Earth Runners are the ultimate barefoot grounding shoe.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Block blue light is the only AUS brand of BLBS I know and trust. I personally use the DayMax Taylor Glasses - Crystal & Nightfall Taylor Blue Blocking Glasses - Crystal.

These glasses block the correct spectrum of blue light, something other brands fail to achieve.

I use the amber glasses fro daytime and red lenses of a night .