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The Original Pledge 


Join our Skool and empower yourself against the profit-driven, centralized healthcare industry. By becoming a member, you'll unlock access to our community, guides, resources, support, direct messaging, and more.

Supporting our Skool grants you entry to monthly group educational sessions focusing on the significance of circadian rhythm and quantum biology. We believe the future of healthcare is education, making it our mission to equip you with the knowledge necessary to reclaim control over your health. Additionally, we host follow-up Q&A sessions delving into decentralized health topics in detail. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

Meet your creators

Kiera: Quantum Biology and Circadian Health Coach, Educator, and Public Speaker with a background in Psychology and Registered Nursing. Kiera envisions the future of healthcare rooted in education and is dedicated to providing affordable yet informative information to all. Kiera has been studying quantum biology since 2020 and has developed a deep love and passion for the relationship between our internal and external environments. 

Tristan: Decentralized Health Coach with a Master's in Electrical Engineering. Tristan's background enables him to delve deeply into the electrical body, fostering a profound understanding of the connection between his clinical education and passion for health. He advocates for decentralized finance through Bitcoin and authored his first book, "Bitcoin and Beef," in 2021, exploring issues within the food and financial industries of today.

Tristan and Kiera share a deep passion for health and decentralization, and their collaboration has given rise to this Patreon. Here, they aim not only to cultivate a connected community (a rarity in today's society), but also to share invaluable knowledge with those embarking on a quest for wellness..